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Get your Jobs That Count T-shirt today!

Show your support for AFFCO Talleys workers with the t-shirt Talleys don’t want you to wear. 


You’ve probably seen our green ‘Jobs That Count’ T-shirts around the place. From picket lines to parliament, these shirts are one way we express pride and unity in our union whanau.

But the shirts have been making headlines recently. Despite the fact that workers don’t have to deal with customers, and wear overalls while on the job, Talleys have banned our MWU members from even turning up to work in these shirts. They have called them ‘intimidating’ and likened them to gang insignia. 

Jobs that count. Workmates, Whanau, CommunityYou’d have to be a pretty bad employer to find that message intimidating, and Talleys are one of the worst. Unbelievably, Talleys have even stood down workers for wearing the shirts.

Now’s your chance to join us in showing that we Kiwis won't tolerate such appalling discrimination. Buy a T-shirt today and wear it with pride.  T-shirts are unisex and available in S, M, L, XL, XXL & XXXL. 

We target delivery of orders nationwide in 7 working days from completion of your online payment. Delivery to remote areas may take longer.  If you'd like to order more than one t-shirt please email Sam Gribben directly with the exact number and sizes you need.   

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